Masary Business

The business scene

Egypt has the most online buyers [15.2 million] of any country in the Arab world, Cash is still the preferred method of payment for e-commerce goods, especially in Egypt where 72% of consumers use cash.

Egypt’s e-commerce market will reach $2.7bn by 2020, almost doubling compared to its $1.4bn size in 2014. Online shoppers will increase to $10m in Egypt, compared to the $6.25m registered in 2014.

What Masary does for your business to cope with the business scene?

Therefore Masary operated the online payment gateway for Banked and non-banked consumer.

25,000 POS Masary outlets distributed in the Egyptian Governorates.

For your consumer;

Make it easy Make it smart make it secure Break location barrier Stay connected Improve your quality

Masary is your success partner to flourish your business

  • For Services' Providers - The most progressive aspect of Masary Program for business; is its ability to impact sales and marketing efforts immediately. For Masary strong believe in Advances in technology are making tremendous impact on all of our lives. Masary new technologies aimed to transform the working and the living environments making them safer, more convenient, and more connected. New technologies can provide direct or indirect improvements in the quality of life for people in their homes, can contribute to improve the autonomy of many people with disability or in situation of dependency, can reduce the financial burden on the budgets, etc.

    - Our goal, is to engage non banked consumer (that form 94% of Egyptian population) and banked consumer from internet users to your business, through our smart, affordable and secured payment services, that will help the spreading of the service of your business.
  • For Merchants & Retailers - Join Masary outlet network, to be able to be collection outlet for the services your customers are looking for, and get more revenue by offering highly demanded services for the mass.

    - Verifone VX 675
    - Verifone VX 520
    - Mobiwire Print 2
    - Mobiwire Print 3
    - El Shamel (KMY pos)
    - Android mobile (ZTE V795 - Alcatel Pixi)
    - Bluetooth printer (Synco)