About Masary

Masary is an Egyptian Company that has smart payment services all over Egypt, as we own a worldwide trusted payment systems. Masary is a Payment Facilitator and payment aggregator, as it has a flexible architecture to integrate with any external platforms. We have web services and interoperability component. Masary system can connect to any payment network, acceptance point of bank system. Our services based on real time transaction processing; also Masary is a non-traditional agent for the 3 Egyptian Mobile Operators, the landline operator, Egypt ISPs and a payment method for the Governmental services. Masary has about 25,000 POS all over the Egyptian Governorates, in addition to the online accounts, and the mobile application users to facilitate payment services for the consumers.

Masary Vision:

Masary account for every Digital user.

Masary Mission:

- Masary aims make your life easier with better quality of life, whatever your social standard is (banked and unbanked).

- Our purpose to enrich the consumer with the best service experience and to aggregate all the consumers’ needs in one safe helpful place (Masary accounts).

- Revamping the micro payments eco-systems, through Masary business solutions.