Masary, Smart Payment Services

Egypt leading electronic payment gateway. Enrich the consumer with the best payment service experience.

Some Amazing Features

  • Features - More than 60,000 POS over the Egyptian Governorates.
    - 5 user interfaces.
    - High flexibility to integrate with any system.
    - Excellent e-commerce service.
    - Real-Time payment systems able to operate and process transactions with many providers at the same time.
  • Advantages - More than 85 services to pay at one place.
    - Save time and pay your bills and services easier.
    - Safe and affordable payment services for non-credit card holders away from any charges.
    - A secure online payment method.
    - Recharge your electronic accounts safely and instantly.
    - Pay you due bills on time without delay and without any delay fees.
  • Benefits For we believe that time is the most precious thing we own, we have made your subscriptions, donations, bill payments, money services, online payment, money services, online payments and purchase in one place to save our valued customer time in a friendly user experience, safe and secure to everyone to use under one place.

Masary Interfaces

  • Android Mobile

    An Android client for all Masary services on Android-supported mobiles.
  • Mobiwire POS

    Advanced POS machine for all Masary services, works under Android.
  • El-Shamel POS

    POS machine for all Masary services.
  • Web Portal

    Masary leading web portal.

Masary works with

Masary Support


122 Mohy-Addein AboulEzz St, Dokki, Giza 12411, Egypt.

Free Helpline

(0020) 16994